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The National Society of Genetic Counselors (NSGC) has been an integral part of the development and progression of the genetic counseling profession since 1979. The profession has grown steadily for the past 40 years and is continuing to evolve at a pace as rapid as today’s technology. NSGC is the leader for the profession with more than 4,500 members and nearly 85% of the profession in our membership. Position your organization to genetic counselors by becoming a sponsor of the NSGC Annual Conference, making your company instantly recognizable to genetic counselors and other healthcare professionals. 

Reach NSGC’s growing community of over 4,500 members!

NSGC's 41st Annual Conference

The NSGC 41st Annual Conference is the largest conference devoted to the educational and professional needs of genetic counselors. Exhibiting at NSGC will extend your reach to as many as 2,600 genetic counselors and genetic healthcare professionals from different backgrounds and experience levels. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to share your resources and solutions with these dedicated genetic counselors.

What are attendees looking for? 
 Attendees are looking for information and services on a wide range of topics, from new technology, clinical updates and current research to counseling issues.

Attendees represent a growing number of specialty areas including: 


of attendees purchase or recommend products and services for their institutions.

Other specialties in order of frequency, reported (highest to lowest percentage):
General Genetics
Specialty Disease
Metabolic Disease
Education; Public or Professional

Newborn Screening

Genomic Medicine
Genetic Testing
Screening (Multiple Marker)
Molecular/Cytogenetics/ Biochemical Testing
Personal Genomics/Genomic Profiling
Support Group/Advocacy
Public Health
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